“We are interested in the environment, sustainability,
the fate of other living beings, enjoying life, being better than what we are. ”



Protecting the environment and conserving the biodiversity, which also guarantees social wellbeing, are our priorities.

In recent years, the Azores archipelago was considered the most sustainable tourist destination in Europe, a classification based on indicators such as; the quality of the natural environment,
the air, water and fauna, the quality of life of its inhabitants
and the conservation of cultural heritage.

A sustainable and green choice - Aqua dos Azores
Our products - Aqua dos Azores


  • Are produced responsibly without damaging the environment
  • Are free from parabens, silicone, petroleum products
  • Are vegan and cruelty-free
  • Focus on the concept of USE and REUSE: They use recyclable
    glass and completely biodegradable and recyclable packaging,
    FSC certified from sustainable sources.